Safety Tips for Shopping Online

Credit card fraud is a problem that seems to be all around. Thieves love to use the internet to steal credit card information. Many people believe that the best way to protect yourself is to avoid shopping online altogether. While this is one way to prevent one’s credit card details from being stolen, it also means that one cannot shop online again. Because consumers are able to quickly find the best deals online, the online marketplace for goods is expanding at an alarming rate. You would lose out on these amazing deals if you stopped shopping online. This is the equivalent of deciding not to fly on a plane again in order to avoid credit card fraud. While it is true that one wouldn’t be a victim of any terrorist plot involving planes, this also means that you will have to deal with the inconveniences that comes with not being able fly when traveling. As with all things in life, it is important not to avoid problems but to understand them and to devise a smart strategy for minimizing the chance of becoming a victim to credit card fraud when shopping online.

Let’s start by talking about what steps you can take if credit-card fraud has already occurred. Don’t panic. The credit card company will not hold the cardholder responsible for fraudulent charges if the cardholder reports that their credit card information was compromised. This includes charges made after the cardholder reported the theft. Although the credit card company will immediately close down the card and issue a new one in about a week, this is still a hassle that most people don’t want to have to deal with.

Online shoppers can use Google’s Safe Browsing Tool, which will check if the website is safe to visit. This assumes one trusts Google. The tool will tell you if a site is suspicious, the date it was last scanned by Google, any past suspicious activity, and report any links to suspicious websites, even if they are not directly suspicious. To see if a website is safe, simply copy and paste “” into the address field on the browser, and then add the url of the site to be visited. For example, to a company’s website, just enter “” into the address bar of the browser being used. After entering this information, Google’s tool will display a simple half-page report on the safety of the site.

Trusted third-party payment methods are another layer of protection that can be used when shopping online. PayPal is a well-known payment method. They are the most popular 3rd-party payment method in the world. Customers can use them to pay for goods or services. This means that a customer who purchases something does not pay the site she is shopping at directly. The customer pays PayPal the amount, then PayPal pays the merchant. This means that the merchant does not see her credit card information, and it was not transmitted over the internet during the transaction. It doesn’t matter if the customer shops on one website or hundreds. Credit card information is never sent online if a third party payment method was used. Google Wallet, Amazon Payments and Amazon Payments are two other 3rd-party payment options similar to PayPal.

This information will allow online shoppers to make sure that the sites they visit are secure and avoid entering any sensitive information. Online shoppers don’t have to miss out on the amazing deals available.

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